Performance Measurement EssayPerformance measurement tools have been used by many organizations or companies these days as one of their strategies in achieving success. Specifically, this tool is useful for detailed evaluation of the production process of one company, provide extensive guidance for the decision making process, and assess the performance of the company departments and individual employees. In general, measurement tools are created to give the company an easier access to a feedback system regarding its consistency in achieving their goals, and to provide them with options on how they can improve their current process.     Basically, it gives companies a preview of how they are currently performing and where they might be heading. Another benefit of having a performance system is being able to better motivate the employees to do better with their jobs. However, such tool also has its consequences and the company should also be ready for it.Managers can easily monitor how their employees are doing by having a performance measurement tool.

The ethical issue in question involves the Walter Reed Army Medical Center scandal emanating from various allegations of appalling living conditions, and management at the medical center in Washington D. C. This is as reported by Washington Post in February 2007. Washington Post reported cases of neglect of veterans which are under investigation ever since 2004. After the case was reported, various ethical issues emerged in that the soldiers were treated un-ethically.Initial exposure of the neglect by hospital administration was reported by a series of articles beginning 18th February 2007. These articles outlined cases of neglect at Walter Reed Medical Center, as reported by wounded soldiers and their relatives. The complaints included the disengaged clerks, unqualified platoon sergeants and over-worked managers who made it difficult for the soldiers to obtain appropriate medical care at the center (Celia V, 2007).

Capacio (2013) once said that one of the underlying reasons for establishing feeding program is to provide targeted families and their children, an incentive to attend school. It is popular strategy for achieving both educational and social objective among school children, which includes combating and fighting hunger and malnutrition. She further said that its potential impact on education is that aside from alleviating short-term hunger among children, proper nutrition improves children’s cognitive functioning and attention.Better nutrition provides them better assistance to diseases which would keep them from attending school, thus would indirectly improve educational achievement. School feeding programs could help supplement the problem for malnourished children through providing them with healthy meals.Meanwhile, Manasan @ Cuenca (2007) assert that malnourished children often experience loss of mental capacities. They became sickly and loss their presence of mind. Because of this children that are malnourished often have low performance in school.

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